Matteo Meraldi, born in 1990, graduated with honours at the European Institute of Design in 2012.
From 2012 he worked for serveral design studios in Milan working on the development of furniture and settings projects and he took part at the development of a project that combined design with 3d printing.
In 2016 has been selected as one of the Top 30 Under 30 European creative of the year by Forbes magazine, and started his collaboration with Studio Lo Scalzo Moscheri, which has the art direction of important Italian companies like Ditre Italia, Xera and Varaschin.
Now works on his own projects, dealing with furniture and light design.

Dynamic, motivated and curious, Matteo put passion in his work, paying close attention to the choice of materials,  combining aesthetics and functionality. Always fascinated by the production processes, working with Italian companies, he learns very quickly the value and the quality of made in italy. His experience in different realities gives him a solid background of knowledge about everything that revolves around design: graphic design, interior design and art direction.


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